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Viola Sonata - Geoffrey Grey


Viola Sonata (1986) - Score (PDF, 59 pages)

Viola Sonata - Viola Part (PDF, 12 pages)

Complete recording (Roger Chase/Michiko Otaki)

Programme note by Geoffrey Grey: "This work was a commission by my friend and colleague Roger Chase for a new piece to play at his Wigmore Hall debut in 1987. It was well received and has since had a number of performances by other ensembles. The first movement is in classical sonata first-movement form, the ensuing four movements are variations on the first. The idea of writing variations on a complete movemement came to me during the composing of the work and seemed to me a natural development of the material I was engaged upon. Although I have written any number of mult-movement works, this idea has never occurred to me before or since and so far is unique to this particular piece. There are five movements; Andante Amabile, Larghetto, L'istesso Tempo, Allegro Brillante, Allegro Giusto."