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Violas by Anthony Elmsly

Auckland, New Zealand

As a luthier I have always been attracted by the possibilities for developing varied models offered by violas and the challenge of balancing the wish for a rich C-string sound, a solid middle range and a strong top end with the need for an instrument that is easy to get around.

One way of tackling this is designing an instrument with indented shoulders, that make it possible to reach around a largish instrument with an upper bout width that would otherwise be only for the tall or contortionists. Some of the other factors that play a role in achieving these powerful but playable models are bout proportions, arching, neck geometry, weight and weight distribution. I call the indented shoulder models I have developed H (hybrid).

Try one of these violas, see how full and strong the sound is, and how easy they are to get around..

If it would interest you to try one I would be very pleased to hear from you. Your feedback would be very much appreciated

I make conventional and hybrid violas, cellos and violins, modern and baroque.

My pricing is I believe quite competitive.

If you have any questions please do contact me via my website; www.violasolutions.com

Viola H2

Powerful, brilliant sound across the range.

Vibrating String Length = 370mm. Body length is 42.3cm but in terms of playability feels more like a 41.5cm traditionally-shaped instrument.

Viola H3

Powerful, rich, fruity sound.

Vibrating String Length = 377mm.